We are excited to announce that AMACPOS is now Harmony Commerce.  We look forward to providing the same excellent and professional care that our clients have come to rely upon.  

So, why the name change?  When we first began implementing and supporting retail Point of Sale Systems, we were doing just what our name implied – implementing Point of Sale solutions exclusively on Apple products.  But so much has changed since that time and we felt the name no longer adequately described what we offer.  

Today’s retailers can’t succeed simply by selling products at brick and mortar locations.   This means, not only augmenting brick and mortar sales with a robust eCommerce presence, but also making sure that their customers remain engaged and their operations streamlined so that they provide an excellent customer experience no matter the touchpoint.  

To thrive in today’s environment, retailers of any size must harness the power of a robust suite of business tools that can help them to increase sales, improve operational efficiency and boost their customers’ experiences. But if these tools remain siloed, they bog down the business and create almost as many problems as they resolve.  It is critical that these tools speak together.  This means that all solutions – eCommerce, loyalty programs, CRM, clienteling, email marketing, ERP, Shipping, and Point of sale – must seamlessly share information and provide the retailer a 360-degree view of their customers and business. 

And that’s where we come in.  With over a decade of experience in cloud-based retail solutions, we know what products best fit specific needs and, more importantly, are able to bring them together so that they all work, as our new name describes, in harmony.

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