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About Harmony

At Harmony, we’ve been implementing and supporting cloud-based Point of Sale systems for over thirteen years. Our team of specialists has integrated hundreds of clients throughout North America and Canada with success. We have deployed dozens of unique software solutions to ensure that our clients receive the most out of their technology while also providing their customers with the best possible purchasing experience.

The Harmony Story

In 2009 Harmony Commerce founder Babak was deep in researching the possibilities of an advanced Point-of-Sale solution for a national brands New York location. As he paused and looked up he could not help but think how it all started many years ago.

Babak was just a boy when he started working in his mother’s alteration and boutique designer clothing store in Nashville. The school bus would drop him off at the store each day where the hum of sewing machines provided the soundtrack to his childhood. He would watch as every customer would walk in and be greeted with a smile. He was fascinated by how his mother made each customer feel like they were the only one in the store. As the years went by and the store grew, Babak learned more about retail management and customer engagement.

Babak went on to specialize in technology, working to develop IT solutions for global brands. So in 2009, when Babak had the opportunity to work with technology in retail that would optimize the customer experience. He knew then that this was his calling. Harmony Commerce was born.

Now, as a leading provider of Point-of-Sale and Advanced Retail solutions, Harmony Commerce is helping retailers across the country Lift the Customer Experience.

~Harmony Commerce

Helping Lift the Customer Experience

We had just opened a boutique in NYC- a daunting task of its own- and barely knew what POS stood for. The HARMONY team was so concerned with us getting every single element locked down and were literally available 24/7 for when we needed help. There is no doubt, we successfully started a high end boutique thanks to HARMONY.

Liz F.

As a small business, we do not have an IT department or in-house tech support. When we were having serious POS issues, I was able to get in touch with a tech before we opened. He came to the store prior to opening and fixed it! The team is friendly, available, and prompt. I also appreciate that we are spoken to in a language that we can understand.

Simone B..

We love doing business with HARMONY because they are the most reliable support team we have ever worked with. A year ago, our Point of Sale system was very slow and wouldn’t connect. It took less than a couple of hours and a member of the team had us up and running again! The turnaround time for service is amazing! We’re very happy that we have the HARMONY team to support us.

Sophia L.

A member of the HARMONY team met at my shop, set up my system in a day, gave me basic training and answered all my follow up questions. The service was quick, efficient, and got my business ready to run sales in a day! Learning any new program can be frustrating and I had no idea where to begin before the team set me up. They were at the ready to help with anything I got stuck on.

Kitty C.
Owner & Creative Director

“The HARMONY team has always been there when I need them. They were a huge part in the opening of our first retail location and opening a second location was seamless thanks to them. It’s awesome to have a great team behind us!”

Dabney W.

I am not at all tech savvy and I was very worried about a complicated Point of Sale system for my shops. The HARMONY team was amazing and helpful and “held my hand” through the entire process. I was so happy with my experience. I would highly recommend HARMONY to anyone opening up a new business. I am a very satisfied customer.

Lynette K.

The HARMONY team is always there when we need them for support of our POS databases and other technical aspects in our three retail stores. Questions are answered and problems solved all in a timely and efficient manner.

Zac R.
Executive Director

I was very happy with the experience of setting up a new system and the training for opening our London Pop-Up shop. HARMONY Solution’s team is fantastic and they made the whole process very easy for us. The customer service when we have an issue is also excellent.

Alejandra I.
Direct to Consumer & Operations Director

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