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About Harmony

At Harmony, we’ve been developing and supporting cloud-based Point of Sale systems for over thirteen years. Our team of specialists has integrated hundreds of clients throughout North America and Canada with success. We have successfully integrated dozens of software solutions to ensure that our customers receive the most out of their software solutions while also providing their customers with the best possible customer experience.

The Harmony Story

In 2009 Harmony Commerce founder Babak K. was reviewing the installation of an advanced Point-of-Sale solution for a national brands New York location. He could not help but think how it all started many years ago.

Babak was just a boy when he started working in his mothers alteration and boutique designer clothing store in Nashville. The school bus would drop him off at the store each day where the hum of sewing machines provided the soundtrack to his childhood. He would watch as every customer would walk in and be greeted with a smile. He was fascinated by how his mother made each customer feel like they were the only one in the store. As the years went by and the store grew, Babak learned more about retail management and customer engagement.

As year went on Babak went on to specialize in technology, working to develop IT solutions for global brands. So in 2009, when Babak had the opportunity to work with technology in retail that would optimize the customer experience. He knew then that this was his calling. Harmony Commerce was born.

Now, as a leading provider of Point-of-Sale and Advanced Retail solutions, Harmony Commerce is helping retailers across the country Lift the Customer Experience.

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